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Entering Riverstone is an Experience to Be Savoured

Entering Riverstone is an Experience to Be Savoured The approach to Riverstone is 1,300 feet long and elevated to an impressive gatehouse. Driving through, you are welcomed by 35-foot waterfalls cascading down in a dramatic sweep over natural boulders and cultured stone, interspersed by 12-foot trellises draped with flowers.The 10-foot elevation at the gatehouse creates a spectacular view across the main lake to the preserves.The median is bubbling with waterfalls tumbling over boulders which can be enjoyed as you enter and leave. A scenic overlook along the main lake is framed by a trellis with stone columns creating an ideal viewing spot for drivers and pedestrians alike to enjoy the lakes and preserves. Decorative street lights and landscape lighting illuminate the incredible entrance to Riverstone.