GL Homes Donates to Hagen Road Elementary School

Monday, July 25, 2016

Donations give Hagen Road Elementary an inspiring new resource room

Room 206 had a blandness that didn’t exactly attract students to come inside during their free time. This gave Linda Garfunkel the idea to change the dingy space into a beautiful and welcoming resource room filled with books and computers at Hagen Road Elementary School.

“I think it would be a great idea to give back to the community,” Garfunkel recalls saying to her baby boomers club in the Cascades community. Five months later, the transformation is complete.

Cascades property manager Robert Waples was a great help, according to Garfunkel, and it could not have completed without him she said.

Waples runs the nonprofit corporation Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and knew a thing or two about how to find funds and incorporate volunteer efforts for the transformation.

Waples said he helped with some logistics while Neighbors Helping Neighbors lent a hand with the painting of the room.

Garfunkel said the GL Homes Foundation donated $2,000 to fund the transformation. State Representative Irving Slosberg and Palm Beach County Mayor Mary Lou Berger also contributed money to the effort.

The community pitched in as well, with artwork donated by CJR Fine Arts in Royal Palm Beach, books donated from the Hagen Ranch library and a mural in the room painted by
Eduardo Penaran, Garfunkel said.

In total, Hagen Road Elementary was able to collect 291 books through donations and purchasing books in consignment shops.

“It was a real community effort ,” said Garfunkel, “it is quite heartwarming.”

The grand opening of room 206 will be Aug. 26, at 2:15 p.m. just in time for students to participate in a book exchange, where they can take a book home from the shelves and replace it with a book from home.


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