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Buyers Stand in Line for Property

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Source: Wink News |

NAPLES, Fla.- New construction had potential home buyers camping out to secure lots in the Riverstone subdivision. The GL Homes development will have 850 new single family homes upon completion in the next five years. Close to 700 realtors attended an event Friday night, which is also when potential buyers started camping out.
"I came out Friday night and found about twelve people in line and then I was back out Saturday morning about 6:00 and there was probably abut 25 cars in line," GL Homes division president for southwest Florida Patty Campbell said.

Real estate broker Jeff Feldman was the first camper in line at around 8:30 Friday night. A realtor himself, he says he saw where GL Homes had a niche in the market. He waited thirteen hours to secure his family's future home. "An amenity community like GL Homes, like these communities with lower fees.

That's what people want." Feldman and his wife have two young girls, so the school district was also a big draw. GL Homes hopes the location and amenities will appeal to those moving south to Naples, as well as current residents.
"There's a lot of people that have lived in Naples for a long time in their current homes that are ready to move around. This is in a great school district. It's a beautiful community with the right product at the right price, so I think that we'll be very successful over the next couple months," Campbell said. Contracts were signed on 42 homes over the weekend. GL Homes plans to build 150 homes per year over the next five years.