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How to Choose a New Florida Home that’s Right for You

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
It’s important to think beyond price when you are selecting a new Florida home. One of the most critical items to consider when shopping for a new home is the overall flooplan design.

Consider the floorplan of your new Florida home

Whether you are purchasing a single-family home in Boynton Beach that is built already or considering new home construction in Vero Beach, choosing the home with the floorplan layout that best suits you and your family’s needs will insure a long and happy experience with your new home. The first consideration should be whether a one or two-story design is most appealing. Once that determination is made, the next thing to think about is bedroom relationship. Floorplans that offer more privacy typically separate the master bedroom and bath from the secondary bedrooms. If you have grown children, elderly parents or frequent guests, this type of floorplan design may be best. Floorplans that offer convenient access usually aggregate the master bedroom with one or more secondary bedrooms. This design is most appealing to families with young children.

Think about the flexible room space you and your family need

Flexible room space is another factor that a new home buyer should consider when evaluating floorplans. Lofts, dens, covered patios, extra bedrooms, sitting areas and home gyms are rooms that provide non-traditional space that can be utilized in a variety of ways. When reviewing a new home’s design, consider the location of the flexible spaces on the plan. Are they adjacent to what would be children’s rooms? If so, these flexible spaces are excellent extensions of children’s play or study space. Are they away from the main living areas of a home? If the answer is yes, then these types of “tucked away” spaces are perfect for a home office. Is there a bathroom adjacent to a flex space? If so, this space can be utilized as a full guest suite, offering your guests the ultimate set-up when they visit. The process of choosing a home that fits your needs can be daunting. It’s key to organize your thoughts and carefully consider how you and your family will utilize all of the space in your new home. For more information about buying a new home in Florida, visit one of the top 10 home builders in Florida at http://www.glhomes.com/ .