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Is a Master-Planned Community Right for You?

Monday, June 1, 2009
When shopping for a new home, it’s important to consider the community where you will be living. A master planned community is a community designed to provide an intelligent and orderly development process. They include a blend of housing styles, as well as convenient shopping areas and recreational facilities. There are many benefits to purchasing a home in a master-planned community. Typically, master-planned neighborhoods incorporate a strong mix of recreational amenities, different housing types and generous common areas not found in traditional communities.

Recreation & Activities in Master Planned Communities

When trying to determine if a master-planned community is right for you, consider how you and your family would utilize recreational facilities. If you are searching for a home where amenities like parks, walking paths, clubhouses and ball fields are right within your neighborhood, then a master-planned community may meet your needs. And if you’re over 55, then an affordable, master planned retirement community may be a good choice.

Safety & Security in Master Planned Communities

Master-planned communities can feature restricted access to homeowners, improving your home’s safety and security. This feature is more typically found in a master-planned neighborhood than in a traditional neighborhood. If gated access is something important to you in your new home search, then you should consider a master-planned development.

Location of Your Master Planned Community

There are many factors to take into account when shopping for a new home. One of the main considerations should be the community where the new home is located.New home construction for master-planned communities is often adjacent to schools because they are an important part of the neighborhood’s overall plan. Adjacent schools provide an immediate benefit to residents living in close proximity, as children have an easy daily commute to classes. There are also long-term benefits to owning a home close to schools: Homes located close to schools often command higher resale values. For more information about master-planned communities in Florida, visit GLHomes.com.