General Information - Five Tips for Selling in the Fall

Five Tips for Selling in the Fall

Since fall can be a busy season for home buying, many more homeowners may choose to list their properties for sale. If you plan on putting your home on the market, these tips can be helpful when trying to sell your property before the holidays.

1. Hire Professional Services

When listing your home for sale, you may benefit from using a real estate agent, especially if you're busy. Since the fall can be a hectic time for families with kids starting the school year, having a professional market and show your home can help for a quicker sale. You should also hire an inspector to come look at your home before deciding to list it in the fall, to ensure no major repairs or replacements are needed. Since buyers will likely have this completed on their own, you can save yourself from having to negotiate a lower price by taking care of these things ahead of time.

2. Minimize Seasonal Decor

It's easy to get carried away with fall decorations, but you should avoid going with holidays and stick to seasonal items. Instead of putting up Halloween decorations, go for a neutral and subtle look with pumpkins or a wreath. This will appeal to a broader group of potential buyers, as not everyone celebrates fall holidays. This could be a great time to showcase how cozy your home is by lighting a fireplace or putting out unlit, seasonal candles.

3. Improve Curb Appeal

In the fall, you may have to complete a little more maintenance outside of your home. This includes raking excess leaves and ensuring your grass stays green, even when the temperature gets cooler. It's easy for your yard to become worse for wear after a hot summer, so be sure to water as needed and trim back overgrown trees and shrubbery. Ignoring necessary upkeep can make your home look run down, as your curb appeal is often the first impression prospective buyers have of your home.

4. Price to Sell

If you're trying to unload your home before the holidays, you may want to be prepared to price it for less than other properties listed for sale in your area. This doesn't necessarily mean you will get less than your home is worth, but a low price could result in receiving multiple offers, allowing you to pick the highest bid. While you can research housing market trends, your real estate agent can prove helpful in knowing which moves to make when coming up with a price and considering offers.

5. Time It Right

While buying another home while your property is on the market can result in paying two mortgages, you shouldn't wait to begin your home search until you receive the first offer. Instead, you can get pre-approved for a mortgage loan and make an offer after you have received a substantial offer on your current home.
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