General Information - Seven Tips for Fireproofing Your New Home

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Seven Tips for Fireproofing Your New Home

While high affordability has prompted many current homeowners to upgrade to a bigger home, buying and selling simultaneously can be a challenge. These tips can make purchasing a property while one is listed for sale less stressful.

Many first-time buyers may not be aware of the need to actively fireproof their homes, as many renters may not be responsible for completing these tasks. However, as a homeowner, you will want to ensure your property is safe from any additional damages that could happen should a fire threaten your home's safety.

Fireproof the outside of your home to prevent spreading flames
1. Fireproof outdoor furniture - While applying a fireproof chemical to all outdoor furniture may seem like a tedious task, doing so could keep your furniture from being destroyed and keep a fire from growing out of control. Some outdoor items may already be treated, so be sure to check out the label and seek further information from manufacturers.

2. Keep a fire extinguisher outside - In the summer months, families may be outside more frequently with barbecues, while pit fires may be more popular when the temperature drops. Regardless of the season, keeping a fire extinguisher outside can be beneficial should a seemingly harmless activity get out of control. While a water hose may be helpful, a fire extinguisher is a better quick option and is typically easier to handle.

3. Closely monitor use of outdoor candles - Outdoor candles can be a great way to keep pesky bugs away while they may also be used to simply provide additional light when the sun sets earlier in the fall and winter. These should never be left burning unattended, as they could be a very small start to a very expensive fire.

4. Distance open flame from the house and potential fire hazards - While this may seem like common sense, many homeowners may not be aware of the danger of keeping a fire pit or a barbecue too close to their house and landscaping. Additionally, keeping these on flat ground can help keep accidents from happening.

How to fireproof the inside of your home

5. Eliminate unnecessary home furnishings - Many homeowners get rid of excess belongings to make their home more spacious, doing so can also help when fireproofing their house. The fewer flammable items you have within your home, the less likely a small fire can spread throughout your property. This can include holiday decor, furniture, clothing and toys that are no longer useful.

6. Install additional smoke alarms - While replacing the batteries frequently can help ensure smoke alarms can do their jobs efficiently, it's important to have one in every room of your home. Checking and double checking that they are working can serve as a preventative measure should a fire occur within your house.

7. Eliminate electrical fire hazards - Overloading outlets can result in an electrical fire which can spread quickly. To keep your home's interior more safe, be sure to use proper wattage lightbulbs and plug individual electronics and other technology into a power strip rather than a single plug.

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