New vs Foreclosure
  There is tremendous value – as well as long and
short term savings – in a never-before-lived-in home.
Become an informed buyer! It is important to under-
stand the potential of hidden costs and issues that
come along with distressed properties. Remember
that GL Homes offers 24-hour emergency home
warranty service and a 10-year structural warranty.
GL Homes residences are the highest quality
and located in the most sought-after master-planned
communities. Here are some helpful tips when you
are considering buying a distressed property.
Typical Home in Foreclosure New GL Home
Expenses Think it would be less expensive to
purchase a foreclosed home? After
repairs it might be the same as – or
more than – purchasing a new home.
There are no costly repairs with a new
GL-built home. Plus, our 24-hour
emergency home warranty service is
there for you at no additional charge.
Warranty Most homes in foreclosure come “As Is”.
That usually means potential problems
and additional expenses from neglect
and/or abuse.
GL Homes stands behind its homes
with a full, 10-year warranty. A team of
professionals is ready to quickly resolve
any issues.
Time Delays Foreclosure can create complicated
procedures and delays in ownership.
Our Sales Associates will quickly guide
you through every step of the process.
Possible Eviction Previous owners might be reluctant to
vacate property in a timely manner.
GL Homes works with you to provide
a realistic timetable for closing.
Legal Complications You may find hidden liens and/or
judgements that will further delay
or complicate the process.
Each GL home includes a clean title
of ownership.
Vandalism There may be purposeful damage done
to the property by the previous owner.
You and your family are the first to
move into your brand new home.
Repairs Generally, any repairs you make to the
property have to come out of your pocket
and cannot be included in the financing.
GL Homes is a top-of-the-line builder
using luxury features and the best
materials in your new home.
Choices Purchasing a foreclosure limits your
choices of home features. Any changes
can be expensive and time consuming.
GL Homes offers the best luxury
standard features. We will work with
you to choose features that will
personalize your new home.
State-of-the-Art Energy-
Efficient Materials
Many foreclosed homes are not energy
efficient due to outdated appliances,
insulation, wiring etc. This results in
higher utility bills and costly upgrades.
All GL homes are compliant with
energy efficiency regulations providing
you with years of cost-effective energy
Banks The bank is in control. You are in control.
Dependability Buying a foreclosure does not offer any
guarantees of workmanship or quality
of structure.
GL Homes is one of Florida’s premiere
builders. Spanning three decades, there
are now more than 60,000 happy GL
Appearance “As Is” is the name of the game. You
have no say in any exterior or interior
changes you would like to see before
closing on the home.
GL Homes brings years of professional
experience and a vast selection of
choices when it comes to personalizing
your new home.