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Main Things to Consider When Choosing New Home Builders in Florida

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whether you live in North or South Florida, new home building costs and companies vary widely.  Criteria like company reputation and customer satisfaction are worth considering.

If you’re beginning a new home search for builders in Florida, it’s critical to consider 3 key things when evaluating a homebuilder:
1. Financial stability
2. Company’s Florida  history
3. Customer satisfaction

Financial strength is an important consideration when choosing a new home builder company anywhere in Florida  Whether you are financing the construction loan on your new home, or the builder is, financial stability is key.  Remember that a homebuilder’s size is not necessarily indicative of its financial strength.

From stringent building codes to extreme climate considerations, Florida presents unique challenges and opportunities for homebuilders.  Partnering with a homebuilder who understands the Florida market and all of its intricacies is smart.  Your homebuilder should be able to guide you on all elements of your new home purchase including costs, architectural details, building products, and even native Florida landscaping.  Choose a homebuilder with an extensive Florida resume.

Meeting a customer’s needs and addressing concerns are also important qualities that your homebuilder should possess.  Ask your homebuilder for references, speak with local realtors or inquire with existing clients to really understand how well a builder is at meeting expectations.  Be sure to ask specific questions regarding a homebuilder’s construction quality, on-time delivery, responsiveness and accessibility.

Building a new home, whether it is in North, Central or South Florida, is a long and complex process.  It is critical that you choose a builder who is qualified to handle your project, and also one who you can trust. Your new home builder should guide you through the process from the concept stage to architectural plans, through permitting and selections and on to construction.  They should be there after closing to address all concerns.