Enjoy Your Own Florida Vacation Home

What makes Florida such a desirable destination for people seeking to escape the rigors and rawness of winter? Well, endless days of sunshine are truly a good reason, plus the fact that you don’t have to shovel heat. Florida is famous for catering to families and the 55-plus crowd. And owning a Florida vacation home is as wonderful as it sounds. There are numerous well-maintained gated communities that would be ideal for your vacation home, complete with the most requested amenities, such as clubhouses with fitness centers, resort-style swimming pools and tennis courts, planned activities for its residents, and a social director to help you join in the fun.

A Florida vacation home would be ideal because Florida is one of the warmest states during the winter season. South Florida temperatures average around 70+ degrees during the day and rarely dip into the 50s at night. Its year-round semi-tropical climate, abundant sunshine, and escape from frost, snow and ice all combine to make Florida a mini-paradise and an appealing place to vacation. And no matter where you live in Florida, you have access to beautiful beaches. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on the west, it's the perfect vacationland to enjoy boating, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. Also, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor sports almost every day: golf (Palm Beach County has more golf courses than any other county in the U.S. & Naples is the Golf Capital of the World); tennis (there are thousands of courts); or fishing (Florida is the Fishing Capital of the World). Florida is also the fun and sightseeing capital.

The beautiful weather permits vacationers to enjoy fun-filled attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Lion Country Safari, Flamingo Gardens, Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary, Jungle Island, Miami Seaquarium, Zoo Miami, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and so many more. For a nice drive you can travel down to Key West to visit the Ernest Hemingway House and the Harry Truman Little White House, and stand at the southern-most point in the continental USA.

Shopping at outlet centers, visiting animal habitats, sightseeing, museums, art galleries, and other cultural venues or enjoying the many state and national parks that dot the landscape can make any day an adventure. If you had a Florida vacation home you could easily visit the Florida Keys, the nearby Bahamas, and all of the Caribbean. There are many flights and plenty of cruise ships to take you there. Plus, Florida has a wide variety of free attractions. It costs nothing to walk along the waterfront, enjoy scenic ocean views or stroll along city sidewalks and community bike paths. The point is you'll never run out of things to do, no matter what your age.

New and seasonal residents concerned about top-notch healthcare will find Florida has some of the best medical centers in the nation with some of the latest technology and treatment programs available. The health benefits of living in Florida are countless, and warm temperatures and a relaxed lifestyle promote healthy living. It's wonderful to be able to get out and walk every day, or ride a bike, or play tennis, or just go shopping at the discount centers. Plus, Florida’s breezes from the Gulf and the Atlantic keep the air fresh and clean.

Compare the benefits of living in Florida with any other state and you'll see why owning a vacation home in Florida is the best choice. There are many beautiful new homes waiting for owners, lakefront homes included. For those who want easy living, Florida vacation homes is the answer. Come enjoy the sun in the Sunshine State! Florida has the best of everything you could want in vacation living. In short, for people of all ages from all places, Florida is a wonderful place to be.

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