General Information - Professional Home Staging Techniques to Help Sell Your Home
Professional Home Staging Techniques to help sell your homeRegardless of if you have already vacated your listed home or if you are still living in it, staging has been proven to help homes sell quicker than if they are left empty. HGTV provides some secrets professionals use when staging homes listed for sale.
As a homeowner, you are likely aware that clutter can make your house look smaller, so the source says to eliminate extra items and remove bulky furniture that can leave your home looking crowded and smaller than it actually is. Professionals minimize the amount of furniture and decorations in a home to make it appear bigger, and doing so can attract a buyer.
Improve Lighting
Lighting is important when making your home warm and inviting. While dimmed lighting may be nice, it is crucial that potential buyers can see features. The source says to use multiple forms of lighting, including overheard fixtures and table side lamps. If your lighting seems to dull, replace dated lightbulbs with ones that have a higher wattage to brighten the space up.
Create Furniture Groupings
Keeping with the trend of shifting items in your home, the source recommends moving furniture around to create more character. The addition of a small reading nook could charm potential buyers, offering what other listings don't. Being able to move pieces around, including artwork on the walls, can also be nice when buyers want to envision the home without decor.
Transform available space to usable space
Without realizing it, you have likely converted a room or area of your home to a storage space, but rather than leaving the room empty or full of random items, HGTV says to transform it into a usable room. While an additional bedroom can add value to your house, you shouldn't force it if the room doesn't measure up to other bedrooms in your home. Instead, turn it into a cozy meditation room or crafting area.
Paint and Accessorize
Labeling is crucial in staying organized. When packing room by room, be sure to write which room the box will go to in the new house, so movers will know where to put it upon arrival. To make unpacking easier, the source also recommends adding a brief description of the box's contents or numbering them in order of what should be unpacked first.